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Q. Can you give me a natural makeup look and will I still look like myself?

A. Yes, I have spent over ten years perfecting my techniques for natural, beauty makeup. I can go as natural as you like and add just the amount of drama you want, where you want it. I work with you to achieve a makeup style you will love and feel comfortable in.

Q. What is the value of having professional makeup for my wedding day and is it worth the cost?

A. The value is having your makeup professionally done instead of buying several products you never use again. Also, you want your makeup to last throughout your long day, complimenting your lovely dress, and looking fabulous in your photographs – more return on those investments!

Q. Will my makeup last throughout the day, and what do I need for touch ups?

A. The airbrush foundation will provide 15 hour wear and is water resistant. The eye makeup used will be waterproof and long wearing. Usually, the only touchup you will need is lipstick or gloss, occasionally a blot sheet or two, which I will provide. All cosmetics and tools I use are long wearing, photo ready, professional products.

Q. Is this your full time job?

A. Champagne & Lipstick is my full time job, once you book me for your wedding day I will not cancel out on you closer to the wedding date because of a conflict with a day job.

Q. Why do you use airbrush foundation and are there instances where you use traditional foundation instead?

A. Airbrush foundation is as light as air to wear with flawless coverage, even those who usually wear no foundation like the way it feels. I use it anytime my client needs all day wear, seriously you will get 15+ hours of wear with it, and you will find it to be very water/sweat resistant. Of course, I still use traditional foundation when needed. If your skin is dry or less smooth for any reason then traditional foundation is best, and I will still achieve a beautiful, long wearing look for you!