At the age of 14, I became interested in makeup artistry and its’ effects in photography.  Getting lost for hours in the pages of a Vogue Magazine looking at the makeup styles and how they came across in print.  During cosmetology school I began to realize this fun obsession could be a true career! Makeup is a necessity for all types of photography, print, and video, especially airbrushing, which is now a must for all of today’s high definition digital media. In 2004 I created Champagne & Lipstick LLC to bring onsite professional makeup to commercial photography, print and media.

My fourteen years of solid experience has been enlightening and has formed me into a professional artist specializing in makeup for all ages and ethnicities.  My experience has trained me for all aspects of commercial makeup, basic makeup, and fashion makeup. I enjoy being part of a team working toward a common goal!

On a makeup assignment I will exceed your expectations, and you will find me to be prepared, reliable, and always open to your suggestions. I am confident you will be pleased with my professional work and professional manner, as I always receive great accolades for my professionalism, taking direction, and being a team player!